• Paul Cafiero, Director of Communications for Mashable

In this challenging and competitive field, Tobi is a recognised innovator, both as a photographer and content creator. He is a leading figure in a new wave of photographers who combine styles from across the world into visually captivating and relevant content and digital experiences. 

  • Dan Douglas, Content Strategist for Edelman

I have worked with many photographers and Instagram professionals throughout my time here and have rarely found anyone as easy and enjoyable to work with as Tobi. As well as his professionalism, creativity and work ethic, his enthusiasm and outgoing personality made the experience exciting and the output that was delivered exceeded all expectations.  His attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond to get the perfect shot are the reasons I would highly recommend Tobi to any colleague or industry professional.

  • Chris Watt, Senior Social Media Manager for Adidas

We chose to work with Tobi because he worked well as part of a team to deliver the final product and these were received well by our target demographic.   Tobi's shots were chosen to feature on our global account, Adidas Originals and gained in excess of 138k likes.  He has also been featured on our Adidas UK channel for other projects including football, cricket, sportswear and events.  In short he delivers quality work on time and strives to push the bar creatively.  His work ethic, professionalism and talent make him a very valuable asset to any creative team and we would happily work with him again.  I can recommend Tobi without hesitation and I am confident he will be a welcome addition to your team.

  • Robbie Kilgour, Producer Director for Latimer

In my time working with Tobi I found him to be not only an extremely skilled photographer but a hard working, creatively engaging and passionate individual who not only cares about his craft but creativity as a whole. On the projects I have worked with Tobi he has been calm, collected and unfazed by any challenges that may have arisen, he applies himself to his work with dedication to achieving the best creative solution. Something that is a rare quality to find in anyone. 

  • Michael Pekhazis, Head of Client Services at Niche, a department at Twitter

In content creation, Tobi has demonstrated an incomparable level of creativity, artistic distinction, and savvy business sensitivity that provide the foundation for his extraordinary international reputation.  Specifically, Tobi combines strong and unique talent in photography and knowledge of social media along with an awareness of both the brand and of the market as a whole. This rare combination of the creative and the practical – at this extraordinarily high level – is particularly valuable in today's increasingly challenging, sophisticated and globally competitive marketplace, where the ability to produce a pleasing, effective, targeted and complete experience is critical to the growth and preservation of a brand’s competitiveness and social media profile.

  • Scott Broekhuyse, Content Director at Gravity Road

This experience proved to me that Tobi is a considerable step above his professional peers, and it led me to request him in particular for future projects.  I had many options; I only wanted Tobi.  Clients would also request him by name.   Each time, both we and the client were very pleased with the exceptional skill Tobi brought not only via content, but also via his skill in innovative marketing ideas. 

  • Maria Sihaloho, Senior Account Executive at John Doe Communications

After impressing Adidas, Tobi went on to work with them directly a number of times and we have since worked with Tobi on a number of different projects for clients such as Absolut Vodka. His consistent excellent delivery, superior creative and highly professional demeanour has meant that we are happy to have Tobi as one of a handful of London photographers we see as an extension of our production team.